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I.O.U.S.A. Documentary

So#8230; it seems like Obama#8217;s plan to spend $825B of taxpayer money (that America doesn#8217;t even have) has passed the House of Reps 244 to 188 (unanimous opposition from Republicans + 12 level-headed Democrats) and is on its way to the Senate where it will surely pass with or without GOP support (what happened to [...]div class=”feedflare”
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America’s Most And Least Popular Cities

Those who live in the U.S. love and hate these 10 spots.

01/28/09: Recession Tips and Starbucks Closing More Stores

The Telegraph has 10 tips to ride out the recession. Although aimed at a British audience, most of the tips can be applied anywhere.

VistaPrint Limited was up big today on news that they beat forecasts. I guess it is still possible for a company to beat the street.

Starbucks is still seeing it’s customers turn away in droves. Starbucks plans to close 300 more coffee shops, further slow expansion, and cut more jobs. Its profit dropped 69% in the latest quarter, missing analysts’ expectations. The Starbucks I go to is almost always booming. I’m hoping it doesn’t shut down.

CD Rates Fall, Where to Invest?

The current environment is horrible for people who are trying to stay in cash.
National CD rates are so disgustingly low that you are guaranteed to be losing money to inflation, the invisible tax.
Treasury bonds, the safest investment class available, are yielding close to nothing.
The stock market is so violent right now that you might [...]div class=”feedflare”
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1/26/09: Gates, the Poor and Caterpillar

Bill Gates says that the rich of this world must help the poor. Didn’t someone else say that once?

Caterpillar[[cat]] is the latest big company to take a hit from our shrinking economy. 20,000 jobs, or 18% of it’s worldwide workforce is being layed off due to shrinking profits.

Ford[[f]] still says it doesn’t need government cash to keep going. Good for them, but for how long? It’s a long way to an economic recovery. Who’s buying new cars right now?

Countrywide has a 7 month CD at 2.10%. It’s 10,000 min. though.