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Tools for Business Improvement-Quotations

The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation.
Benjamin Disraeli

Quotations are one of the richest, simplest and most easily accessible forms of wisdom from people ranging from ancient philosophers to modern multimillionaire business people. Quotations help businessmen and entrepreneurs in gaining insight and perspective on any problems that they might be facing in their business or ventures.

If you have read good business articles or heard an expert executive coach speak at a business coaching class, you may have noticed timely and proper quotations being used that enhance the ideas expressed and make them easy to understand. Many successful businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs ranging from Andrew Carnegie and Donald Trump to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have quotations that offer insights into their way of thinking and the secrets of their success, allowing other entrepreneurs to share their wisdom. Quotations are available that offer advice on almost any conceivable business issue or topic such as people relationships, money management, risk taking and so on.

Quotations provide you with new ideas, and motivate and inspire you to achieve your business objectives no matter how hard to achieve they are. You may also incorporate quotations in your speeches to your employees, clients or business partners to inspire them or to clarify your ideas and plans. Quotations are thus a precious resource for the business owners, and the best thing is that they are freely and widely available on the Internet. You may also buy a book of quotations that will be well worth its price.