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Government Funded Business Lending Initiative Begins

In an effort to stimulate the job economy and spending, the US government is giving six small business oriented banks $123 million to help fund small businesses. The Small Business Lending Fund was initialized by Presidents Barack Obama nearly two years ago, but it has taken lawmakers several months to agree on the terms of the program. More than $11 billion has been earmarked for the program, with a staggering 925 lending institutions applying for the fund. Although the banks will eventually have to repay the money that they receive, they will be eligible for a 1% repayment program.

The fund is aimed to help small and mid sized business owners to get loans that they would not otherwise qualify for. Since the credit market began to shrink in 2008, traditional banks are much more strict about their lending criteria. Basically, new companies and small business that don’t already have large existing lines of credit. These type of restrictions have made it difficult for entrepreneurs to launch the businesses that will help to stimulate the economy.

Banks that receive money under the Small Business Lending Fund will be required to lend out the majority of grants that they receive. Some money can be allocated towards operating expenses, but President Obama was diligent in ensuring that lenders would not be able to retain a large portion of their funding. This is only the first phase of the Small Business Lending Fund, and lawmakers will be watching to see what the results are before initiating the second phase.

How To Grab The Attention Of Your Target Customers

When consumers attend trade shows, conventions and other outdoor events, they tend to gravitate towards the most bold and colorful signs. You can print up informational brochures, dress professionally and still fail to capture their attention. You don’t have to purchase the biggest outdoor banners in order to get noticed, but you should take the time that is needed to find a high quality sign maker.

Work on a design that incorporates your company logo, a short slogan and a colorful background. The font color that you select should contrast boldly against the background color. Buying a large banner will help your target customers to see your booth from afar, but you must also be conscientious of your space limitations. Ensure that the rest of your setup coordinates with your outdoor banner so that consumers will be aesthetically pleased by your company’s offerings.

Even if you sell a valuable product or service, you will not be able to attract a large amount of customers unless you given them a reason. Your company will be able to gather larger crowds, which will lead to more sales. Choose an outdoor banner that is tastefully designed and you will be able to quickly get a return on your investment.

After your outdoor event has ended, you can easily take down your banner and store it for future use. Purchase balloons, promotional materials and even give away t-shirts in order to create an exciting environment. If you have attended numerous events but you have been having trouble building your mailing list and making sales, the solution can be as simple as purchasing a new outdoor banner. Order your new banner well in advance so that you are able to check it for typographical errors. If you are satisfied with the results, your customers will surely respond positively.

Non-traditional Loan Options

Banks and finance companies have made it veritably impossible for anyone with a credit score under 700 to qualify for any type of loan. Even if you have collateral, you might find that the bank you have been working with for more than a decade denies your loan application. In addition, it can take weeks before a loan is funded. If you need money quickly you just won’t have the time to wait until a loan officer goes over your work history, request documents and then makes a determination that may not be in your favorite.

Title loan companies are growing in popularity because they provide consumers with a way to pay their expenses without having to go through any hassles. If you own a vehicle and you need a few hundred dollars to hold you over until payday, a payday loans can give you the help that you need. In particular, Los Angeles title loans are easy to come by simply because of vast amount of choices that consumers have.

If you choose to take out a title loans you have several repayment options. You can pay back the total amount that you borrowed with fees within a few weeks, or you can spread your payments out over time. Titles loans don’t have the lowest interest rates, but they do provide consumers instant access to substantial amounts of money.

Many title loans companies also offer bonuses to their customers through referral programs. If you know if someone that is in need of fast cash, simply mention the title loan company that you work with and you can get a check in the mail. Title loans companies are also understanding about hardship. If you ever have trouble repaying your loan, simply call your title loan company representative and make up an alternative repayment plan.