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Non-traditional Loan Options

Banks and finance companies have made it veritably impossible for anyone with a credit score under 700 to qualify for any type of loan. Even if you have collateral, you might find that the bank you have been working with for more than a decade denies your loan application. In addition, it can take weeks before a loan is funded. If you need money quickly you just won’t have the time to wait until a loan officer goes over your work history, request documents and then makes a determination that may not be in your favorite.

Title loan companies are growing in popularity because they provide consumers with a way to pay their expenses without having to go through any hassles. If you own a vehicle and you need a few hundred dollars to hold you over until payday, a payday loans can give you the help that you need. In particular, Los Angeles title loans are easy to come by simply because of vast amount of choices that consumers have.

If you choose to take out a title loans you have several repayment options. You can pay back the total amount that you borrowed with fees within a few weeks, or you can spread your payments out over time. Titles loans don’t have the lowest interest rates, but they do provide consumers instant access to substantial amounts of money.

Many title loans companies also offer bonuses to their customers through referral programs. If you know if someone that is in need of fast cash, simply mention the title loan company that you work with and you can get a check in the mail. Title loans companies are also understanding about hardship. If you ever have trouble repaying your loan, simply call your title loan company representative and make up an alternative repayment plan.