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Video depositions-An Alternative to Recording Witness Testimony

Video depositions are the videotaped records of a witness giving testimony under oath that are recorded by a legal videographer. A court stenographer and the lawyers of the parties involved in the case are present, and depending on the circumstances of the case and the laws of the state, the parties to the litigation may also be present. Video depositions are now widely accepted and used throughout USA because of their convenience and utility to all parties involved.

Video depositions are often recorded in case witnesses are unable to attend and testify at a trial. A witness’s testimony may be recorded when his recollection of events and occurrences is fresh. Video depositions are doubly useful in cases where the witness is old aged or near death, as trials often take a long time to start and the witness may not be alive or in a condition to give live testimony when that time comes.
Video depositions also let the jury and judge observe the behavior, gestures and body language of the witness clearly and make inferences. Moreover, video depositions help the court stenographer document and transcribe the testimony accurately and easily because he can review the video as much as he wants.

For recording video depositions, a legal videographer and a court reporter need to be present at the location. The videographer takes the video of the witness testifying while the court stenographer makes the witness take an oath and then records the details of the witness’s testimony by transcribing spoken speech into a written form using a stenograph machine. It is best to get a professional legal videographer to record video depositions, as he will be able to present the witness and his testimony in the best possible way. Care must be taken to make video depositions in such a way that the jurors and judge can clearly see the witness, and also clearly hear the attorneys and the witness without any sound distortion or excessive background noise.