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Will Apple out Apple Netflix

Apple Logo

Apple Logo

Apple [[AAPL]] is one of the great innovators of our time. Years ago they developed an mp3 player that set the music industry on their ear. Digital downloads of music have surpassed sales of compact discs, and I believe in the next few years we will see the same thing happen to DVD’s. Of course broadband will have to get even more widespread, primarily in rural areas, before that happens. But it will and Netflix [[nflx]] is in just the right position to be the supplier of these movie downloads. However, the biggest innovator in recent memory could throw a wrench in Netflix’s plans.

Whereas ten years ago you didn’t count out Microsoft, you don’t count out Apple. Remember, they are the owners of the ever popular iTunes, and have positioned themselves in the video market with Apple TV. You can download music, videos and TV shows right off of iTunes. In my opinion this makes them a perfect match for the video download revolution for the home. However you have to figure in the millions of Netflix subscribers already committed to them. And Apple may decide this a race it would rather not run. But don’t be on it.

SentrySafe Fire Proof Electronic Safe

The market had a good run up yesterday. But is this the end of the Bear and the beginning of the Bull? Probably not, and I still don’t trust that there won’t be a run on banks by the end of the year. I ran across the above fire proof Safe, in ever fashionable Gunmetal Gray on Amazon. Just in case you want to pull some money, or other valuables, out of your bank. Let’s hope a run on banks will never happen, but it’s always good to keep some cash and gold on hand just in case.