Vivint Home Automation is NOT a Scam – Truth Revealed

If you are hoping to add some extra security features onto your home – CCTV and automatic door locks perhaps – then it is certain that you have come across Vivint when doing your research. The company itself is based in the state of Utah and boasts a large client base of around half a million households however you may also have come across some negative reviews and remarks about the company and how there is a Vivint scam. We should note right away that you need to be careful of what you read on the internet especially when it is negative as it is much easier to write a negative comment behind an anonymous profile on the net than it is to do it in person. That being said, what is this so called ‘Vivint scam’ and is it really true?
Some people have commented that the services that the company offer do not reflect the price that they charge and that their customer service is poor as well and this, in some people’s eyes, amounts to a scam of some sort. However, there are some basic facts that refute this.
For a start we already mentioned that the company supplies home security and automation packages to half a million people so, if you believe the rumours on the internet, then this would mean that half a million or so households are not properly secured and that they are happy with this fact. It is highly unlikely that this is the case and, while a few people may have had a bad experience (it is the same with any company), the majority seem perfectly happy with the service that Vivint offer. Any talk of a Vivint scam should be discredit straight away as there is no evidence to support this and you can find plenty of accounts and testimonials that refute the scam claim altogether.

Affordable Financial Software

Do you run a small or medium sized business? Well, if you do, then it is likely that you will be using at least one computer for your work. Almost every business from ICT companies to ordinary shops will use a computer to some extent and whether their whole business model relies on this or whether it is just to do some pay roll or type up letters then a computer will still be incorporated to some extent. However, what kind of programs and financial software can you get which can go a long way to making the whole process of running a business easier?

Regardless of what your business does money is key as it is in most walks of life so you will want to ensure that you have proper software that can make all of this easier for you. You can get payroll suites that will take much of the effort out of working out everyone’s pay and how much they should be paying in tax. It can also be set to pay them straight into their bank account on time as well. In addition, other software exists that can be very beneficial from a record point of view. A lot of firms still rely predominately on paper records and this can be problematic for a few reasons; first of all it takes up a lot of space and finding a record can be time consuming and the potential for easy destructions exists too; however with everything kept electronically then you can find that particular record in a matter of seconds and software is there to help you keep track of receipts and expenditure.

Financial software is available online for a very affordable price and will help out immensely in the running of your business and its future success.

Been Mis-sold A PPI?

Many people have recently being given the opportunity to claim back on PPI’s. Essentially what this is, is an insurance policy that is taken out when you get something on credit – so this includes things such as loans and mortgages etc… that you pay back over time – however the fact is that many people may have been mis sold payment protection insurance and, as such, have a claim to the amount of money that they have been paying into this insurance over the years.
In fact, what has happened more often than not is that a great number of people did not even know that they had this PPI in the first place and had been paying money into it continuously for years sometimes without even knowing that they were or not even being eligible for it in the first place. How, then, could they receive this protection? Well many people were signed up to a PPI without even consenting to it and many policies – that were explained to the people taking out the credit – were mis sold it meaning that they weren’t even eligible; essentially you need to be working to get a PPI and many students and retired individuals and couples were given PPI’s when they were not strictly eligible to get one.
Also, many medical conditions also mean that you cannot get a PPI and there have been many people with heart problems and diabetes that have been wrongly paying into this insurance over the years. If you are not sure if you even have a PPI or if you are wanting to make a claim then contact a company that specialises in this as you could stand to be refunded a great deal of money that you have been paying out over the years that the insurance was active.

Wireless Internet

Having access to the internet is a luxury that is becoming more and more common these days and people who would have otherwise never thought of using the internet nor had much interest in it are now realising the potential and the significance that it holds. Indeed, the net itself is such a wide ranging and diverse entity that there really is something for everyone out there on the web and it is not confined to one group in terms of who it appeals to. The advancement of wireless internet over the past few years has been of great benefit to both business and commercial users alike and it has opened up many avenues in terms of the possibilities that it creates as well as the accessibility of the internet as well.

How do you get internet on the go and utilize this wireless method of connecting in your home? If you have had access to the net before in your house then it has probably came in the form of a cable that is attached and connected to a phone line. This is the old method and it generally meant that the computer from which you were using the internet had to be located in the same room as the main access point or, failing that, there needed to be another access point or the cable extended.

Well, with wireless none of this is an issue and, instead, all you need to do is set up your router in a centrally located position in the home and then you will be able to connect to it wherever you can get a signal. This can be virtually anywhere within range and it means that you will be able to have access to the internet from all over the home and the surrounding area.

What Are Payday Loans Online?

No doubt most people will have heard of payday loans online at some point however what they actually are is not as well known and there exists some myths and misconceptions about these types of money transactions. Essentially this type of loan is a short term solution to a financial problem. Say, for example, you need to pay your electric bill by a certain date or you will be cut off; however, you are not paid until a few days after the date in question. This means that there will be a few days (or even a week or two in some cases) between when a certain bill has to be paid and when you will have the money to pay for it.

A payday loan is an unsecured loan that is designed to combat this very problem. It offers a short term solution to a financial crisis and there is no restriction in terms of what the loan can be used for so it can be used to pay for an electric bill, gas bill or even a mobile phone contract bill as well. What does unsecured mean, though? Basically it means that the lender is relying on your promise to pay it back by the agreed date rather than secure it against an item that you possess that would be of the same value of the loan; usually a car or something like that.

This means that the interest and repayments are often higher however this is only to protect the lender as there is no collateral to secure the loan against. Millions of people need some form of fast cash solution at some point in the year to tide them over until their next pay check and with payday loans online you can get the money you need in no time at all.